FULL P2P Program - with a DISCOUNT! by Monique Oliver

FULL P2P Program - with a DISCOUNT!

Turbo boost your sales - with ALL 7 ArtEtypes foundation modules in one neat package!
  • Module 1: MINDSET & PREPARATION (RRP $49)
  • Module 2: THE SIMPLE PITCH (FREE Lesson)
  • Module 3: FINDING YOUR VOICE (RRP $67)
  • Module 4: ARTIST STATEMENT (RRP $49)
  • Module 5: ARTIST CV/RESUME (RRP $67)
  • Module 6: ARTIST BIO (RRP $49)

What's included?


Mindset can help you cope with life’s challenges and plays a significant role in determining your own levels of achievement and success. 

Module 2: FREE Mini Lesson : ART OF THE SIMPLE PITCH

Crafting a short, succinct, and memorable pitch which can be adapted for various situation is sales DYNAMITE! Don't Miss Out!


Effectively communicating an overall artistic theme, directly correlates to audience connection, engagement and ultimately your sales levels. 


Arguably the most important weapon in your ArtEtypes Arsenal. You’ll use this over and over again in a variety of situations.


An Artist CV/resume is very different from a regular business one. This lesson walks you through everything you need to know to design yours. 

Module 6: ARTIST BIO

Artists and galleries sometimes confuse statements and bio’s but it’s important to understand the distinctions. This module helps you create yours.


Pictures say a 1000 words – so are yours doing your work justice? Everything you need to know to take great photos of your art.


"Monique is not only a professional artist and qualified trainer herself but also a genuine expert regarding all things 'Art Marketing'.  As a gallery owner I am contacted by artists on a daily basis; a professionalism in how the artist works makes all the difference in my decision around who I choose to exhibit. Having all the tools to hand; art statement and CV, professional website and high quality photographs of their work can be make or break for an artist."
Hannah Ferguson - Gallery Owner & Artist
"This course has been brilliant. It gives you all the things you need to have the confidence to get out and market your art to the world. I am now much better equipped to succeed. It has also had the knock on effect of making me want to create even more. I highly recommend this course to artists or other creatives. Since finishing less than 3 months ago, I've received unconditional offers of places on Fine Art Degree courses at 2 major universities and SOLD 3 paintings while installing my first solo exhibition!"
Daniel Casey - Artist


Can I choose just 1 or 2 modules from the ArtEtypes program or do I need all of them?

The first 7 ArtEtype modules, when studied as an entire program offer a solid foundation, I call your “ArtEtypes Arsenal”.  They are designed for any artist or creative looking to make a decent living from the work they create OR who are looking to achieve consistent sales in their business.  However, while this is the ideal scenario, each module can also work alone to plug skills gaps as necessary if budget is an issue.

What order should I study the ArtEtypes modules/lessons in?

The first 7 modules/lessons in the ArtEtypes program are the most important and while they will "stand-alone" to fill in gaps in skill sets - they are designed to build on top of each other to offer artists and creatives a solid base from which to grow.  If you decide to take advantage of all the lessons, they should be studied in NUMERICAL order beginning with module 1 through to module 7

When does this course start?

Whenever it suits you! This is a self-paced online workshop that you can work through at your own pace.

How long do I have to complete the lesson?

You have lifetime access as long as you don’t do anything to break the rules – you know, like repurpose the content or share your login with others, you can work through this lesson as many times as you like, for as many projects as you need. 

Can I share my access to this course with my friends or colleagues?

Your access and login are personal to you and should NOT be shared with anyone else.  The modules are all available separately to make them accessible even if your budget is tight.  If, for some reason, you have more than 3 people who need access to the same modules, then please contact me to discuss a group license.

Will you be on hand to answer my questions?

I have designed the majority of lessons and bundles to be stand-alone/self-study at a reasonable price to make them as accessible as possible to everyone. You are welcome to reach out for help and support with any of the lesson material in the private Facebook support group where there are other students on hand who have already completed all the modules. I am also an admin of that group and am there on occasion. However, if you feel you would prefer to have direct access to me on a regular basis, then please consider signing up for the MASTERMIND package when it becomes available as this will included weekly coaching calls with me in groups of no more than 8-10 students.

If this course isn’t for me – Can I get a refund?

I offer a 30-day REFUND GUARANTEE should you feel you have not benefitted from the course content provided.  However, you will be asked to evidence that you have watched all the videos and completed all the worksheets for any modules purchased prior to a refund being issued.  In the first instance please contact me directly.

How does the course work? Will you be emailing out content? Do I need to be available at set times?

Nope, it’s all set up in the website backend so you can work through everything in your own timeframe. When planning my online classes, I thought long and hard about the best way to manage them and about what would work best for you and me – and I think flexibility is key. Personally, when I sign up to something, I want to ride that wave of enthusiasm and get started straight away! If life gets in the way and I’m not able to finish, that can be a shame. So, I’ve built the class in a way that will work for you whatever timescale you’re on. No need to be available for live webinars or any of that stuff – it’s all in the lesson ready and waiting for you!